Between you and me

Frankly I have lost count of the kitchen and bathroom blogs I have had up and running over the years, starting initially with Google’s own Blogger platform when it really was the only game in town. However, in terms of the content, the central ethos of supporting independent kitchen and bathroom retailers and their suppliers has remained the same from Grahame’s Kitchen & Bath Blog through to Between you and me

Forth Rail Bridge
Like the mythical painters of the Forth Rail Bridge, you never finish working on your blog.

But, as An Wang said: Markets change, tastes change, so the companies and the individuals who choose to compete in those markets must change. (I nicked this quote from BrainyQuote and you can read more great insights there yourself.)

While for some blogs, a stand-alone beauty on a WordPress platform will be the cat’s jim-jams, for this blogger who has several other projects on the boil, a LinkedIn Forum is a better place for me to strut my own stuff.

Twitter is a great announcement tool. Around 90% of the top news stories to break online, on air or in print, start life as a 140 character Tweet, and increasingly it is being used to post images too. But as a tool for a serious debate or discussion, I think it’s a pain! Not so much because of the character limit – you can say a lot with 140 characters – but because of the one-sided nature of the ‘debates’.

You can only read all sides of an argument if you follow all the parties that are arguing (or there is a lot of reposting going on), and as good as a ‘Tweet-up’ is, I don’t think it holds a candle to a ‘proper’ debate in a proper on-line forum.

The Reply To section of a blog can be a beautiful thing, but if it is open to all it is easier for hackers to get in to the blog and do their thing – as I learned to my cost! And if a post has to be approved you are relying on the blog manager being online to look after the responses and to post all they receive. I was accused of censorship once because I did not approve a reply on a blog quickly enough to suit the writer – darn those Bank Holiday weekends!

The between you and me forum on LinkedIn is a safe place where the response to posts on this blog can be published. The open nature of the LinkedIn forum platform allows all sides of an argument to be seen and enjoyed. It is an (almost) anything goes forum but I would ask that you do not go out of your way to be abusive and do not use its discussion platform to promote goods and services you supply. There are dedicated promotion and job sections on the forum for these. To find the forum, go to the LinkedIn home page and search for the between you and me group – there’s only one!

Any blog should be a ‘work in progress’ and like the mythical painters of the Forth Rail Bridge, you no sooner finish working on your blog before you have to start over again. A programme of continuous development is the order of the day for any good blog and to this end, your views on the between you and me forum; what you like, what you don’t like, and suggestions for how I can make it more useful to you, would be very welcome and I encourage you to use the Contact Me form to get in touch.

I look forward to hearing from you.